Why is Inkjet Good for the Environment?

Why is Inkjet Good for the Environment?

With COP26, the world is now fixated on helping and using environmentally friendly measures in many aspects of life, to tackle the rising issues of climate change and reduce emissions, carbon and wastage.


One prime example is the amount of plastic now being reduced in use, to improve ocean environment and ocean life quality. Materials are now being made to be recyclable and environmentally friendly with some compostable tackling the issues raised.

Industries are now expected to become greener, with the technology industry using ‘Green Tech’, offices and companies have increased this by using eco-friendly technology instead of polluted measures. Thus, InkJet printers have become a steady fixture in many industries.

InkJet does what?

Inkjet printers have risen in popularity not only for their industry quality and fast produce, but as one of the greener, eco-friendly solutions. They produce wastage solutions for a range of industries, one such solution is label wastage within the food industry as they are a huge contender with print-on-demand options rather than having multiple paper wastage stored in warehouse space. Not only is this an attractive feature, but they are a cost-effective solution and compatible with many eco-friendly materials and resources to create effective printing solutions.

These printers are used and produced by various brands but the real contender, paving the way for the environment is Epson. Not only do they produce printers specifically designed to combat the current environmental issues, but they are also marketing constantly and providing solutions and awareness to be proactive and provide change to mitigate these issues.

So, What’s Good about the Epson InkJet?

  • Epson InkJet printers, do not use heat within the printing process. This means the power consumption is 85% less than those that do at a similar print speed rate.
  • Epson InkJet Printers, also use 85% less Carbon Dioxide emissions than other comparable laser printers.
  • They have fewer components to replace, 59% less in comparison to other brands as you only need to change the inks and wastage/ maintenance box.
  • There are different ranges designed specifically, such as; the workforce range, to suit business needs and reduce wastage, energy, and impact on efficiency for different industry types.

So, What About other Options?

There are a number of brands that are currently using innovative design and technology methods to create eco-friendly printing. For example, Sato, HP, and Brothers are also good options depending on the needs of business. It is a good idea to do a little research and comparison before making your choice.

The Take-away?

So, in layman’s terms set out below are the advantages of InkJet for your company:

  • Reduced Wastage: InkJet devices are widely used in digital printing as they transfer the digital image to a printed format via ink cartridge. They take away the wastage of overprinting as you can print the exact amount you need! There are also many ink cartridge recycling companies and options promoting a greener service.
  • Lower Energy Consumption: Inkjet printers are designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly. The option for digital printing means that less energy is used within the print process. Most machines come with a stand-by mode for when it is not in use, this mode saves your cost, power and electricity.
  • Innovation Efficiency: The InkJet is an all-in-one device with variable printing capabilities, the days of using digital and then offset devices are over! Thus, the first two bullet points are increased with validity, as this method produces minimum waste and energy consumption.

Given the growth and trends noticeable towards digital printing, personalised and customisability for branding within the market. This solution is one of the best boosters of eco-friendly equipment you could have within your business. Not only does it produce high amounts of high-quality and professional print, but it reduces your business’ carbon footprint and demonstrates your commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.


‘The Future, Is InkJet.’

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