Cloud-Based Labelling Software - You Need It!

Cloud-Based Labelling Software – You Need It!

Many businesses use cloud systems and features due to the fact that it has an incredible amount of ease-of-use, it is cost-effective and can provide larger storage space to your devices.

So, why has the print industry suddenly adopted this growing trend?

Since the COVID pandemic, the print industry has been finding new and innovative ways to keep businesses going and getting what they need to comply with labelling laws and regulations.

With many businesses using the hybrid working environment and keeping as safe as possible, cloud-based labelling software has made the biggest impact. This type of software allows for the transfer of software, setup and files to be imported without having the need for waiting on other companies to come and set it up for them, etc.

Cloud-based labelling software allows for the use of remotely stored files and data to effectively communicate with digital print presses/ printers. This allows for the integration of automation and flexibility within a business, reducing the need for extensive costs and dependence for on-site IT technicians and extra hardware.

So, what are the real benefits?

  • Fast and effective print run time (no need to go through and manually transferring files to the printer.)
  • Hybrid working is enabled (cloud transfer of files to a digital print device can be accessed anywhere, meaning a hybrid working environment is possible should your business need to offer it.)
  • Fully compliant labels can be produced quickly to fit the needs of the customer. (Using cloud-based, print management and design software such as Tolarus)
  • Team collaboration and third-party collaboration is readily available. (Designers, engineers and other businesses you may need to collaborate with can use the software to design, manage and print labels from anywhere. Thus, enabling you to meet your deadlines and targets effectively.)  

So, what can we offer?

Tolarus offers a cloud-based version of the software that businesses can choose. The software has all the capabilities of integrating features that will produce compliant labelling.

  • The software has a full colour label design feature, in which you are able to fully customise the look of your labels and how you want the information displayed.
  • Tolarus comes complete with a database of all 275 nutrients, detected by McCance and Widowsson. Each of these nutrients can be assigned to your products or ingredients to allow an unprecedented level of nutritional detail. The auto-calculation system will quickly and accurately calculate the nutritional values of your products from their compound ingredients (QUID %), making it much easier to make changes to your products, whilst remaining confident the data is correct.
  • Advanced Allergen Detection System, in which you can be sure that allergens will be highlighted within your product labels.
  • Unlimited Product Database, you can fully integrate all your products and data, store and delete them as you wish from the software.
  • Bespoke User Management, each customer has an individual account in which they can control access to certain features on individual accounts they work with. (For example, a chain of outlets using the software but the directors or management will grant feature access to employees in the chain.)
  • You have the ability to upload client and customer information, social media information, product description, pricing, storage, warnings, cooking instructions and barcodes, etc. To your labels within the label design feature.
  • It is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and reduces wastage within your business.

The take-away:

Overall, using cloud-based labelling software has a huge number of benefits if you go with the right company that suits your business needs. As long as you update your software, computer and keep your passwords completely safe it is a beneficial and secure option to think about.

Of course, if you don’t fancy printing yourself, we can offer you in-house printing options and design and branding that will also save you more time and money.

Cloud systems seem to be an ongoing future trend with innovation and improvements being made continuously. Therefore, it is a wise investment for businesses needing to produce professional and compliant labels at a fast pace.

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