Why Using Genuine Ink Cartridges Matter!

Why Using Genuine Ink Cartridges Matter!

You may think you are saving money or getting a better deal or even cheating the system!

In the long run, you won’t be doing any of these things if you don’t buy genuine. Now you might think we are saying this just to get extra money, we would be lying if we said we didn’t want your money!

However, we also want you to make informed decisions on your purchases. So, we are sharing what we know.

So, what do we know about buying genuine ink?

  1. Genuine ink has been extensively researched to work with your type/brand of printer.
  2. Genuine ink has been tried and tested extensively before going on-sale.
  3. Genuine ink won’t downgrade your print quality or results (no blurs or smudges etc.)
  4. Genuine inks perform reliably (no leaky cartridges)
  5. Genuine inks will be compatible with your printer always!

So, what’s so different with non-genuine inks?

  • They’re not guaranteed to work with your printer (even if they claim to be).
  • Leakage can happen (with your cartridge of course!)
  • You could get a faulty or broken product.
  • Nozzle Clog is very likely (Your printer could malfunction).
  • Poor Quality everything (Your print won’t ever reach its full potential)
  • Time-waster (You can kiss goodbye to all your free time you could have had if you’d just bought genuine!)
  • No money saving on this one (The inks run out faster, dry up or leak. You may end up having to buy genuine anyway because the cheap ones just won’t cut it!)

So, what have we learned?

The long and short of it is, if you want a more professional quality finish and to save money overall without much hassle… Just spend a little bit extra and buy genuine ink cartridges that were specifically made, tried and tested for your printer!

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