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Tolarus NutriLabel Food Labelling Software Solution.

Tolarus NutriLabel is a market-leading software solution to your Food product labelling problems. Tolarus has been lovingly implemented and designed to give you more control and make easy changes  to your food labelling efficiently, while providing compliance with all current food labelling legislation. That is why we are confident that this is the quickest and safest in-house printing software solution for your business.

The software contains advanced features such as:

  • Advanced Allergen Detection System
  • Full-Colour Label Designer
  • Unlimited Product Database
  • Automatic Nutritional Calculation
  • Bespoke User Management

Software Feature Benefits:

  • Allergen Bolding
  • Simple Features To Keep you Legal and on Brand
  • Your Ingredients and Products In One Database Making Changes Easy!
  • QUID Calculations Done For You
  • Easy To Navigate Software


In this ever-evolving and high-demand market, businesses are looking towards on-demand and in-house printing which has now become more essential than ever. Thus, our label management software fits right into modern successful business practices by drastically reducing label waste, cost and improving eco-printing.

This, allows businesses like yours to be responsive to stock fluctuations while allowing management to rapidly prototype new label ideas and product ranges, without the costs previously associated with outsourcing. Let's not forget that your labels will be fully compliant and on brand every time!

Food labelling

Nutritional Regulation!

Tolarus NutriLabel comes complete with a database of all 275 nutrients, detected by McCance and Widowsson in 'the composition of foods dataset'. Each of these nutrients can be assigned to your products or ingredients database to allow you to add nutritional detail with ease to your labels in the form of tables and the calorie intake e.g. traffic light systems in place.

The nutritional auto calculation system will calculate the nutritional values of your products from their compound ingredients (QUID %), making it much easier to make accurate changes to your products saving you time and expense. Tolarus helps you adhere to food industry regulations by allowing you to assign legally required nutrients to meet current regulations.

Customer Individualisation

The powerful customer database feature allows you to store required information, such as VAT numbers, email/ web addresses, and products assigned to customers. Creating a quick CRM management solution!

"This feature is fantastic when generating print lists, for your production runs."

Cost Analysis

Tolarus NutriLabel makes label printing as cost-effective as possible, by reducing;

  • Label wastage
  • Label design
  • Time
  • Stock holding and avoiding the tied cost of holding pre-printed label stock sat on your shelves!
Cost Analysis

Advanced Allergen Control

The advanced allergen detection system, scans your products and automatically bolds the 14 legally required allergens on your labels. Products will auto-update when you change ingredients ensuring your allergen data is always correct.

For customers who need to customise their allergen detection, Tolarus can do this as well, to meet the needs of your business. Tolarus will allow you to manage which allergens are handled at each production site, enabling you to accurately add cross-contamination warnings to your products for increased safety.

Advanced Allergen Control

Label Designer

Label Designer
The built-in Label Designer Software, gives you the opportunity to create full-colour stunning labels, the kind your products deserve!

The system employs a feature called data zones, linked to product fields helping you to effortlessly create templates. This allows you to create a professionally branded product that ranges for multiple products.

The label design feature comes with a full creative interface allowing you to:

  • Style Type
  • Import Images and Logos or Use The Inbuilt Library
  • Import Cutter Guides
  • Add GDA Boxes Automatically
  • Produces Print Ready Labels

Product Engine

The Tolarus product engine combines detailed product information such as; Nutritional and Free From claims, Nutrient calculations, Product Data, and Pricing.

The centralised feature sits quietly in the software governing functionality, helping you create the most accurate labels possible:

  • Full Nutritional Information
  • Product Description and Pricing
  • Cooking and Storage Instructions
  • Unlimited Number of Client Uploaded Images and Barcodes

User Management

Each customer has an individual user account in the Tolarus NutriLabel software. Once the software is set up, users can then be assigned to groups, with the customer having the ability to control access to certain features through individual user account log-in.

"You are in full control of who can access your database and what they can use!"

This feature limits the chance of unwanted access to your company data and accidental deletion of data taking away that human error risk and giving you less stress.

Tolarus, EPSON & Wessex Labels

"The Golden Triad of Printing"

Tolarus work closely with EPSON®, to ensure the software works seamlessly with the EPSON®, Colorworks range of printers, resulting in Tolarus NutriLabel being awarded the Colorworks Innovation Solution Award. The Tolarus Official UK Partner, Wessex Labels Ltd has over 26 years of experience in the labelling industry, supplying the UK Nationwide with quality traditional flexographic printed labels.