New Product... What Can You Do to STAND OUT, Without Having to Shout About it?

New Product?

What Can You Do to STAND OUT,

Without Having to Shout About it?

Open your mind and visualise, the products on the shelves in stores. So many of them, but; Where Does your product fit in?

  • Does it get lost among the shelves?
  • Does it Look Dull next to your competitor's brand?
  • Have You Made Enough Noise to Have Your Product Placed Correctly?

If the answer is yes, you’ve just lied to yourself!

No product is perfect and every competitor is constantly racing for new innovative ideas and designs to be a better seller on the shelf than its competitors.

You need to constantly review what your consumers are looking for;

  • Do you still match their expectations?
  • Do you need to improve the ingredients?
  • Does it meet trending ethical views?

You need to ask yourself all the right questions to create a worthy product.

For the next part, you need to comply with laws and regulations from beginning to the end of production; including packaging, labelling, claims made, ingredients and percentages, and of course proper nutritional information for example.

Once you master all that, you’re onto design and branding!

This is the fun part, where you make your product shout to the consumer from the shelves visually and emotionally without having to shout about it! (You can do that on your social media marketing for some added help!)

What can you do to make that happen?

To start with, you need to think about the message you want to put out to your customers from your brand.

  • Do you value your products because they are ethical?
  • Recyclable?
  • Low Fat?
  • Healthy?


  • To draw in the market you are selling to, you need to shout about this part within your product design. Put your most proud claim or message in a clear place, add some bolding to quickly draw the eye.
  • Before this though, you need to think about your product design, the colours you will use, and the story you want to tell. This is the first selling point of your product; Colours can make or break your product if they don’t match up emotionally to what your consumer has visualised. (For example; red for strawberry flavours, etc.) You may want to use a range of colours to tell a story like other brands are doing, with some creating characters and comic-style information leading to the consumer buying more for the next part of that story!

“This is the way you visually grab your consumer’s attention, they will want to pick your product up… But that is not enough alone for them to make their final choice!”

As we added earlier, “presenting information such as claims your customer is looking for in a quick and readable place will help win them over!”

  • This is added to the law and regulation information you must already display such as allergen bolding in the ingredients, QUID information, and nutritional for example. Consumers are more aware and knowledgeable than previously in deciphering food label information and will often choose the product that they decide is healthier for them or meets their personal needs and requirements. This is the most important part to check before bringing the product to market, as any products that don’t fully comply will be pulled from shelves!!

So, this is effective product design and marketing but what else can you do to stand out?

To properly stand out among competitors you need to be always looking for the next trend or innovation. Doing things, the same way you’ve done since you began won’t get you ahead of the game.

Thinking about solutions to problems such as engaging print or quick turnaround will help your brand to keep production flowing. Using digital print methods and software and teaming up with companies such as Tolarus can keep you meeting demands and in control!

“Following product labelling and packaging materials and design trends will keep your brand eye-catching and interesting, producing more sales!”

Don’t forget to leave your mark on your product with your logo so consumers know it is an authentic and genuine product. To provide further security and insight, you can work with suppliers to produce customised QR codes and barcodes to help convey more information to your consumer and present a secure product from fraud/ copy-cat products.

“You can provide other methods of security by adding; embellishment, tamper-evident labels, and no peel labels, etc.”

To reach the ultimate goal; what you need to do is to keep thinking, researching, innovating, and branding your products, this doesn’t have to just be done through print and packaging but of course marketed through your social media channels, staff, families and partners or affiliates.

In conclusion, how well your products to on the market is ultimately up to you and your business. Provide with your consumers in mind at all times and you should reach your target goals! 

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