Print-On-Demand with Tolarus Software and Epson!

Print-On-Demand with Tolarus Software and Epson!

(What Printing Dreams Are Made Of)


Epson Provides all the printers you could possibly need, but how do you know which one is right for you?

Think about the gaps in your business that you want to solve…

  • Is printing a bit of a grey area for your business?
  • Limited space?
  • Not sure what to get?


Well, here’s some insight to a solution for you!

On-demand printing is a quick solution that provides less waste and energy giving you a more sustainable option.

With Tolarus software installed you can get the right label design style, look and product/ ingredients build with proper highlighted allergens and QUID/ GDA information. Not only will your labels always be compliant but paired with an Epson Printer such as the C7500 from the colorworks range, they will look fantastic with a bespoke appeal every time no matter how long the run is!

Epson have a range of printers that can be useful for small businesses and large alike. The colorworks series are designed to be cost-effective with individual inks and has a permanent print head, meaning lower cost per printing, significant savings and only having to replace the ink you specifically need.

(This saves your peace of mind and gives you the ability to focus on other business areas!)

The value of colour printing on-demand with these solutions:

  • Increased speed; Reduced production time
  • Unexpected Charges Eliminated; Third-party charges are cut out, reduced calibration errors as well as reduced penalties/ late deliveries
  • Label Waste Eliminated; No waste for last minute design changes, no need for buffer stock
  • Shelf Space Saved; One type of Blank labels needed
  • Ink Durability; durable labels that are smudge proof and waterproof
  • Print and apply; Print on any shape with the movable sensor, seamless integration into existing print and apply production line systems

With On-demand Printing, You Will Have the Power to:

  • Take Control
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Add Flexibility

(Tolarus are gold partners of Epson and can offer you a fantastic price for the printer you need!)

The Epson C7500 has Nozzle Verification Technology and dot substitution to prevent dead pixels and misprinting for continuous and consistent printing, giving you less wastage and shorter run times.

You would think with all this fancy printing technology it would be very complex to use, it’s not! Epson have implemented LCD screen designs for their printers with easy to follow set up and command settings. There’s even an option to check Nozzles and prevent clogging.

You Might think wow! But what about Tolarus Software, surely that would be complex?!


Tolarus has been designed for ease-of-use to integrate quickly with your chosen printer, it enables you run more than one type of label print run making your tasks of the day shorter saving you even more time!

You can build your ingredients and product database right into Tolarus to pull out all the information you need such as Allergen bolding or Nutrition information and add them quickly to your label design with the built-in label designer feature. There is even the ability to add branding personalisation with Barcodes, QR codes and sequential numbering!

All these things will help improve your brand recognition!

For smaller businesses, Tolarus recommends, the new C4000e series Epson Printer is great with a compact footprint, easy desktop installation and high-quality printing, making your in-house and on-demand print runs quick and durable.

Most colorworks printers work with a range of materials, primarily matte black or gloss labels give the best results, these labels are easily obtainable by companies such as Wessex Labels with fair pricing on quantity.

There is a lot to think about when choosing the best printer to help solve your problems, the biggest one depending on the product you intend to print for is whether the label software is compatible, you can be sure that Tolarus is versatile and compatible with whichever selection you choose every time, eliminating your printing pains!

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