Technology is Impacting the Hospitality Industry in a Big Way!

Technology is Impacting the Hospitality Industry in a Big Way!

As technology has grown in the number of uses, it has embedded itself in almost every industry and part of life with things we commonly use. The ease-of-use, simplicity is a huge benefits of integrating technology within businesses.

So, what can be implemented?

Hospitality has integrated technology and technological devices in many ways such as:

  • Number plate recognition through video within drive-throughs and restaurant car parks for security and order delivery purposes
  •  Using AI and AR systems within target marketing/ big data and the overall delivery of business and services. (These systems enhance and develop smart devices and add intelligence to the hospitality industry propelling the customer experience.)
  • Traceability systems are in place on packaging to enable supply chain monitoring from production to selling/ consumer point. (Providing security measures and consumers with more information about the food they have chosen.)
  • Data-analytics, using technology to look at what sells better than other products and overall eCommerce to draw up better strategic plans for the business. (Data between price ranges and customer preference incorporated into a selling strategy is just magic!)
  • Consumer Application developing with a vast range for your consumers to track and choose between products with calorie, nutritional, allergen etc information available to view before committing to a purchase. (Meaning your labelling is incredibly important to get right!)

There are many more benefitting technological advancements you can implicate and use within your business to provide a better experience and service for your customers, should you choose to do so. As the world is always progressing and trialling new ideas and innovations:

“It doesn’t look to be slowing down as the number of uses are always expanding.”

(So, if you don’t implement technology in some part of your business you might get left behind!)

So, What About the Benefits for Your Products and Technology?

The benefits of integrating technology into your products are mostly through your print and labelling. These benefits seem almost endless with QR coding for easy access menus and ordering to sequential barcoding and secure methods of print to protect from fraudulent copies of your products.

Not only that but you now have the opportunity with labelling software available; such as Tolarus, to make your product labels fully compliant using the software to pull out and Bold allergens from your product and ingredients database as well as auto-calculating QUID and Nutritional information.

Using a labelling software with these factors implemented, will include a wider group of consumers to your product/ food outlet market and keep them safe creating a bigger brand reputation for your business.

As consumers are now using applications on smart devices to choose between healthier products and find products relating to their needs, your labels need to be on point regarding clear reading, on-brand, and emotive to the eye.

Clean labels are becoming popular with adults seeking more natural ingredients over additives etc. If your products are on-trend and provide health benefits, you need to show that within the claims and ingredients information on your product labels. This can be easily designed and managed through many print services offering digital printing creating an easier process for your business to implement. Using areas of technology such as Data-analysis will help you keep on top of trending and strategy information regarding how your specific products are doing.

The Hospitality Industry will always be integrated in some way with the Print industry and Technology Industry. Taking parts from each sector to use within different areas of business will benefit the industries growth and only further the overall satisfaction of the experience and services the customer craves.

As overall expectations have risen and customers are relying on value and bespoke experiences more than ever, the industry will only meet and keep up with these trending demands by using areas of technology, AI, and AR to create that authentic branding feels that aligns with customer values.

So, what’s The takeaway?

You need to marry up all 3 industries to complete the perfect equation. You can’t stay on top of business and product trends if you have no data or processes to discover them. You also can’t keep products on the shelves if your labels have not been correctly printed following all laws and regulations compliance.

(Basically, to be stress-free you need a great label management software or to use a company that knows what they’re doing…. Yes, like Tolarus!)

You will get left behind with the times and only the locals that buy from you if you don’t think about using technology to promote your brand growth through AI/AR marketing and data. Having a proper strategy to implement and get feedback on will be the best thing you will ever do for your business to keep ideas and innovation flowing and then of course use print technology to add the finishing touch! 

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